Woolsack and Junior woolsack race
September 12, 2017
Bucking Rodeo Sheep
September 16, 2017

Drovers Derby Sheep Race

Llandovery Drovers Derby Sheep Race 2017 Entry Form

Saturday 23rd September 6pm – 7:30pm Market Square

Enter this year’s Drover’s Derby and you could win up to £240, you just need a team of three, you can be mixed, all female or all male.

Select your Jockey  get your ‘sheep’ to the finishing line first, collect your winnings!

Go on to win the final and collect even more winnings, donate your winnings to a charity or spend them as you like – there is a bar present! But beware there may be obstacles and although bionic your sheep may be troublesome!

These are the rules

Teams of three – 1 jockey & 2 Shepherds

Jockey must wear suitable protective head gear

Over 18’s only

If the jockey becomes un seated the shepherds must be stationery until the jockey has remounted

All three team members and the ‘sheep’ must complete the course to win

The judges decisions may be completely wrong and unfair but will stand nevertheless.

£20 per team to enter

All participants must sign a personal injury disclaimer.

Rules of the event subject to variation by the organisers at any time